About Us

Welcome to Upbeat Physical Therapy!


We believe integrated physical therapy and massage therapy can further facilitate and expedite your recovery! The clinic is located at downtown Hoboken in New Jersey and is easily to reach via walking, driving and public transportation. At Upbeat, we provide professional physical therapy and medical massage to our clients to help you get back on the track. Physical therapists and massage and bodywork therapists work and communicate together to get the best results for your rehabilitation and pain management. We hope to work with you to achieve your goals!

Jonathan Wang


Jonathan is the owner and director of Upbeat Physical Therapy PC. For over 7 years, he has worked with orthopedic, neurological, nursing home, auto accident and work injury patients in Taiwan and New York area. Patience, passion and attentiveness are special characteristics of Jonathan. With a dedication in post-surgical and non-surgical rehabilitation, Jonathan is eager to provide individualized and professional care to every patient.


Jonathan earned his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy in China Medical University and master’s degree in National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan. He then went on to New York University to receive his Doctor of Physical Therapy.